The Future Of Marketing With Technology In Dubai And The Middle East

Let’s face it, the fashion industry has been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic, causing a shift in consumer sentiment and making them less willing to buy the latest product offerings while contending with uncertainty. This has led many brands to move towards digital solutions and new marketing technology to help better understand, engage and communicate with their customers!

As we evolve into this new age of fashion retail and marketing, technology becomes incredibly important and a part of the fibre of doing business and brand survival. It’s imperative that brands have a smart and forward-thinking marketing strategy in place that fully utilises new technology and changing consumer trends.

Here are some ways we can see technology playing a larger role in marketing over the next few years:

  • Approachable and immersive online experiences:

With in-store shopping continuing to be restricted, fashion brands will have to make their online stores and the shopping experience they offer to customers as interactive, engaging, and approachable as possible. A 2018 Gartner survey showed that 46% of retailers had already planned to deploy AR or VR solutions online by 2020. With the closure of many retail stores, this is expected to grow even more in 2021.

From virtual branded experiences and 3D virtual runway shows where consumers can see your collections from the comfort of their homes, to interactive lookbooks to shop your catalogue, there are so many ways in which technology is improving the overall online experience for the consumer. For example, P&G-owned skincare brand SK-II has launched its own virtual hyper-realistic branded world, SK-II City, for consumers to spend time in, inspired by the city-building video game SimCity and capitalising on consumers now enjoying creating digital identities in virtual hangouts. 

We have the knowledge on exactly what technology can be used and how best to connect with your consumers to increase the possibilities for your brand!

  • New age marketing run by intelligence:

Social media continues to play a tremendous role in the fashion marketing Dubai sector, particularly in terms of using paid advertising to drive sales revenue. But did you know the top-performing brands are using AI technology to deploy better, and more intelligent marketing campaigns, that lead to smarter ad spend and content creation?

Now you can use AI too! As competition for online attention becomes fierce, we can assist brands in a smarter strategy and the use of AI technology for paid advertising or organic Instagram filters. We bring them in the know and ensure they are spending on their campaigns in the right way.

  • Driven by trends and data:

The future of marketing is data-driven; by leveraging data on consumer trends and behaviour, brands can create engaging marketing messaging and utilise future-facing marketing methods to increase the chances of consumers making a purchase.

Brands are now increasingly using data to understand customer preferences and create products and marketing messaging that meet their needs. In the fashion industry, forecasting using data has become an important science, with brands like Amazon developing a machine learning program to automatically assess if an item is “stylish” or not, or Google testing user-driven AI fashion design that uses algorithms to create new pieces and styles. 

Data of many kinds is now sewn into all aspects of product design and marketing, helping brands to understand what consumers want, and how they want to be communicated with. We can help you utilise this data to make informed, strategic marketing and brand decisions, to help achieve your vision!

  • Experiences above all

Contrary to popular belief, retail is not dead. However, people don’t just want a retail store these days, they want a retail experience. Brick-and-mortar businesses will need to take this focus on experience to the next level, ensuring that they provide unforgettable and immersive experiences for consumers, utilisting new technologies including AR, VR, and AI.

We can help you create innovative and immersive retail concepts to engage your audience and create impactful in-store activations and events. We can access the right technology to bring your brand innovation to life and help achieve your sales objectives!

  • Consumer activism will become company activism

It is no longer acceptable for brands to sit on the sidelines when it comes to issues their consumers care about. As Millenials and Gen Z who care deeply about social and environmental issues, become a demographic with real purchasing power, marketers in Dubai and the Middle East will need to guide their companies to determine the issues they care about and can be truly committed to.

Within the fashion industry, research shows that 88% of consumers want brands to help them be more environmentally friendly. This should not only change the brand values that are communicated with consumers, but will also implore brands to use technology to increase the sustainability of their products.

In 2021, with increasing competition across the board, it will be more important than ever for fashion brands to tell a story that entices customers to buy from them. Focusing on sustainability and corporate social responsibility is a good way to make people relate to a brand, which will result in them being more willing to buy! We can help you identify which causes and issues your consumers care about, and help to align your products, marketing strategy, and brand messaging to fit within these values.

Are you ready to utilise technology effectively to help achieve your brand’s marketing goals and ultimate vision? Get in touch and let’s how we can work together to tell your brand story!

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