With digital and retail technology solutions, Fashion Foresight has been able to assist brands in exploring and building innovative concepts for the brands’ evolutions or vision.

We explore various technology solutions that set them apart from competitors or assists them to leverage in the fashion industry.

Define the future of your brand with us!

As we evolve into a new age of fashion and retail, technology becomes incredibly important and a part of the fibre in doing business and brand survival.

We assist in exploring modern concepts with you and accessing the right technology to bring brand innovation to life.


You can now create unique offerings with our R&D team!

Want to create a digital assistant that knows your clients before entering your store? Our team can now assist you in the research and development of concepts tailored for your brand’s experience. We can bring unique concepts to life just for you!

Concepts for retail

If you want to create an innovative retail concept, you have come to the right team! Not only do we over immersive experiences for marketing and retail objectives but we can also help you create and invent unique offerings within your retail space!

Want to create tailored touch screens for your cosmetics counter? or perhaps reinvent your catalogues or look books to become interactive? We know just the technology that can be used!


New age marketing will be run by intelligence

Marketing is evolving and so should your strategy!

Did you know that the top performing brands are using Ai technology to deploy better more intelligent marketing campaigns that lead to smarter ad spend and content creation? Doesn’t seem fair when you may be spending on a campaign already destined to lose against artificial intelligence!

Now you can use Ai too!

As competition for online attention becomes fierce, we assist brands in a smarter strategy, we bring them in the know, and ensure they are spending on their campaigns in the right way!


Smart E-commerce!

2020 saw brands scramble to go online and digital but now that we are all online the better performing E-commerce sites win!

Ai for E-commerce allows for smarter product uploading, smarter pricing, and product description, and best of all can analyse your customers as they visit and understand their buying needs!

Understanding your client promotes higher conversion rates! Our tools and solutions allow for your E-commerce store to transform intelligently and start performing intuitively.


Measure your clients from home or in store!

Our technology tools allow you to measure clients from the comfort of their own home or in store without ever having to pull out a measuring tape!

In the time of social distancing, it has become difficult for tailors or brands to measure clients in order to create their bespoke pieces.

Now with technology Ai tools can measure your clients from anywhere and anytime!

You can place this technology into your retail store or request clients to take their measurements at home.

Find out how!


Positioning in the market.

Gain the intelligence in understanding where your brand sits in the market and how you can adjust or prepare for change.

Gain the right insight into what pricing structures, fabrics, colours, and products are working within your target market, know exactly what strategies to test by understanding how the market is moving!