How Brands Can Benefit From Immersive Retail & Technology

Everyone would agree that almost all facets of life have been affected by the pandemic. The supposed sales expansion strategies of companies declined tremendously, and the fashion industry was not an exemption. As retail companies around the world felt the effects, brands were forced to find ways to keep their businesses alive by coping with the changes of human interaction.

The worldwide fashion industry has always been known for new trends, and technology. Now is 2021, immersive technology—virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR)—has a massive potential to transform the way the fashion industry and retailers create, present, and retail its products.

At Fashion Foresight, along with numerous experts in the retail technology industry, we believe that 2021 is the year to really boost virtual shopping, and digital fashion will be driving the fashion retail industry to new levels and expectations.

So, how can retail brands really benefit from the new and futuristic immersive retail technologies? Here are three main initiatives:

  • Try the products digitally before you buy

People are even more open to digital technology and marketing this year. Immersive retail technologies can help customers visualise themselves with the products through virtual or augmented reality, known as “try before you buy” from clothing, shoes and makeup! Imagine being able to try on your desired outfit on a screen, to see if it actually fits and suits you? Last year, Dior used augmented reality to allow consumers to try on sunglasses using their smartphones, closing the gap between online and offline shopping. With this now available technology, people can also attend virtual runways in their bedrooms. Who wouldn’t want this opportunity without leaving the comfort of their homes? Bringing the show to you.

  • A wider, faster paced customer reach

2021 is changing, not only changing consumer behaviour from a digital perspective, but also how brands think about their marketing roadmaps to reach and expand their target audience. It’s also bringing about new opportunities for forward-thinking brands to take a peek at the future of fashion. Exciting times!

Intact, smart technologies are quickly becoming part of every business in the world today. Just by how customers view and digest content, a clothing brand can already optimise its advertisements to reach a wider range of new customers. Virtual retail technology is a method now being used for brand activations, event launches and in-store innovations – attracting influencers and new shoppers at an increased high level, never seen before. This has a direct impact on consumer awareness and sales. Through this technology, it is a lot easier for any fashion brand to extend their marketing strategies to the right people quickly while minimising customer acquisition.

  • Generating and increasing revenue

Who wouldn’t want quick sales? Imagine if you have the capability to lessen the customer’s hassle of trying multiple clothes with just a click of your fingers, frictionless and seamless journey! Making them see if their option A is better than option B, or vice versa, without trying on the clothes repeatedly. This would give customers a quicker time to decide what to buy complimented with product suggestions by Ai solutions – meaning, quick sales and smarter upselling too. 

At Fashion Foresight, through robust research and development – we create the most futuristic virtual worlds for brands where shoppers can try-before-they-buy. From virtual runways, show rooms with motion matching activations, in-store activations at malls or retail stores, and communities to strengthen any brand’s presence local or worldwide. Creating a whole new avenue of opportunity, we are developing and leading this space with fashion through what we call our Semblance Project – launching soon with our partners at Africa Fashion Foundation.

The Semblance Project is built on a power gaming software called Unreal Engine by Epic games. This is where games meet consumers. Essentially it is where games, like Fortnite, are built and rendered in real time, where there is real time engagement for consumers and communities. Our tech team continuously interrogates technology and its capability, so that projects such as Semblance can be born and rolled out in unique and customised ways for each brand we work with. There are no limits to what creativity, data and technology can bring.

Are you ready to expand your digital customer reach, through effective immersive retail technology? Contact us and let’s work together in achieving your business goals!

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