Autumn/Winter 2019 Trends Overview

Are Millennials taking the world into a new era of awareness and kindness? The dynamic energy of youth is tending towards the consolidation of a new value system and deep cultural shifts.

Fashion trends for A/W 2019 explores the rise of a new world and what it may look like as the new generation leave old values behind and journey into a world more inclusive, experimentation, self-aware, finding kindness and empathy in a world that is more connected through technology than ever before. We try to find the balance between our human qualities and insert this into technology that works for us and a better future.

As we head further into 2019 and 2020, we see Generation Z placing more importance on “experiencing “than on “owning “and focuses on well-being, personal growth, contributing to preserving the planet’s resources. With these values shaping their mentalities, this generation lives in the:

    • Now (instantaneous and seamless)
    • the Show (exhibition and connection)
    • the Clan (sharing and community), and
    • the Niche(alternative and singular)

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends and Insights

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends and Insights

A/W2019 Futurism


Key directions for your A/W 19/20 collections:

Protective, enveloping volumes & silhouettes. Twisted and draped fabrics in a cocoon spirit, but also more technical and urban. Sports, in textiles of course, but also in the silhouettes themselves. Emphasis on the values of authenticity and simplicity. Festive mixes with 90’s exuberance still make an appearance as we head into 2020.

Overwhelmed millennials are looking for more unplugged experiences, connecting them back to nature and making the time to take care of themselves. These two generations are witnessing the rise of new technologies that defy the laws of nature making us more curious, experimental and explorative. These two consumers are looking for the point of difference, a new way of consuming, they have a preference for the genuine and basics. Breaking free from the ‘codes’ of living, welcoming and fast to identify disruptions, revolutionising genres and opening up to over the top mixes and borderline aesthetics.

This season everybody wants a touch of nature even in the city.

Bathrobe coziness for this winter is all that is desired, dressing for comfort but in a polished and luxurious way. Understated elegance is the new cool with a touch of romantic faded floral prints as we stay gender neutral.

Rustic woolens, natural beige, earth and camel tones, soft touch ethically sourced cashmere and luxury velvet are the textures to identify.

Encapsulating and quilted protection, padded away from the harsh elements are what stands out in symbolic, voluminous silhouettes, connecting the feeling of warmth and safety.

Fun and Expressive Colour Pops

Fun and Expressive Colour Pops

Iconic British Classics For Autumn and Winter Fashion 2019

Iconic British Classics

Urban street a/w2019

Urban street

Lux Comfort
Lux comfort
Padded and Protected Fashion Trends
Padded and protected
Victorian playful and romantic

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