Fashion Foresight offers fashion consulting supported by industry trend forecasts, consumer insights and AI technology. Fashion and retail can start using essential data for brand survival in the future. We consult our clients and offer opportunities to collect data through specific touch points, tools and drive them forward with machine learning. Understanding consumers is vital for leverage and positioning against competitors.

Data and AI are helping brands plan their next move!

Now your brand becomes smarter with:

  • Forecasting with ML
  • Competitive positioning
  • Saving on costs
  • Saving on wastage 
  • Creating products consumers actually want 
  • Becoming intuitive and intelligent 

Market research

With our research teams we are able to conduct investigations for clients.

Research, while assisting clients in understanding the current state of the market and help keep them in touch with evolving needs, also shows clues to investment opportunities, where to focus or solve problems. 

It includes research opportunity for governments, businesses, academics, NGOs and private brands within the creative economy. 

Opportunities for research include:  

  • Field research and case studies
  • Industry or market research 
  • Focus group insights 
  • Gather public opinions 
  • Research the condition of industry or market 
  • Public opinion of brands or industry 
  • Insights to prototypes or existing products
  • Opportunity for product design, updating and assessment of relevance 

Creating products with no market research is like shooting an arrow in the dark! 

The problem with creating products or collections that you think the consumers wants is that you only really know what they want once it’s too late. 

We assist brands stop wastage on precious materials and resources.

Market research is important

  • It brings insight to what and how you should be creating or designing
  • You gain insights on your target market
  • It shapes the whole journey and communication for your brand
  • Forecasts and reports guide businesses

Industry Trend Forecasts

Forecasts assist our clients in identifying creative direction, bringing opportunity for innovation as well as preparing brands for what lays ahead.

The purpose is to create brand longevity and continuous product offerings, strategy, and campaigns that connect to consumers. 

Trend forecasts also open up the possibility for disruption or create unique selling points

Forecasts we offer include for fashion and creative opportunity: 

  • Seasonal insights and themes from the industry 
  • Conceptualisation and evolution of trends
  • Colour and fabric forecasts 
  • Indicators for disruption
  • Key design elements
  • Consumer insights for PR and Marketing 
  • Brand forecasts for better decision making

Industry reports 

Marketing is smart, fast and competitive!

In the future, marketing will be driven by AI insights. 

Competition will definitely become fierce and the brands that are clever will capture the market. 

With our assistance there is minimum guess work to planning a campaign.  

With premium tools you will now be able to:

  • Forecast for a campaign
  • Get competitive marketing insight 
  • Know which colours, words, pricing will resonate best with consumer targets
  • Let Ai deploy solutions for your campaign in real time! 
  • Let Ai guide content creation
  • Create marketing simulations and funnels

Data for brands

We consult our clients and offer opportunities to collect data through specific touch points or unique interactions.

Making sure that the right type of data is available for use. The use of data is essential for brand survival in the future, where understanding consumers can be intuitive and forecasts generated for your next move!

Data can be collected

  • Online through multiple avenues
  • Offline through activations or in the field
  • Orchestrated to gain the specific needs of clients or brands
  • Formulated to gain industry analysis and content for reporting and forecasting