The Fashion Foresight has a long term vision and mission for the regions we service.


We believe in growing with the industry and being a part of the mind set change as we establish a fashion capital.

We have a vision for our community becoming competitive on a global scale by understanding the full cycle of forecasts and how these insights play a vital role in product development and connecting with consumers.

It’s essential that a creative’s design processes is one that is well calculated, strategic and hits the target each time.

We believe it is vital that design teams understand that creation of product is not random as they conceive an idea but rather creation, relevance and longevity of a brand starts with deep forecasts and understanding of consumers.



Workshops | Seminars | Master classes
Community driven to bring insight through interacting with students, emerging brands and the fashion community as a whole.


Fostering concepts
We conceptualize and shape trends as a local insight for the international market


Global trend developments
We bring insight from a global perspective for designers so they are ahead of seasons, define their strategy and invest in suppliers that are ahead 96% of the time.


We connect the fashion community through our online portal. Setting up a space for communication, sharing and business across regions.




Become a contributor

Want to contribute to the growth of our community? – If you are a blogger, creative, observer, researcher – then we would LOVE to hear from you! Let’s connect.


Become a correspondent

In a great location through the Middle East and Africa? – Perhaps you are a great observer of events and phenomena, a thinker and lover of culture and always finding yourself experiencing new things – We would love to hear from you! Let’s share our experiences and explore your observations.



Want to collaborate and need ideas on the next big thing? – Let’s chat and share ideas for our community reach and growth. We always want to be a part of innovative projects and community initiatives.