fashion business tools

Our tools are developed with fashion industry professionals in mind.

Created by designers, for designers to seamlessly run their fashion business.

Our business tools were developed for those who follow Fashion Foresight and would like to use the tools we built for running of a fashion business .

You can use the tools independently or within your team!


It is for every professional level from conception to design delivery.

Independent designers |
Stylists | Start ups

Get familiar with your processes and get the
professional edge you need.

Small businesses | SME’s

Increase your
business potential, create your seasonal cycles
and keep track of all your work.
Keep track of your collections, delivery dates and merchandising processes.

Established business |
Design teams | large project groups

Develop and keep
track of
group tasks, connect with the community, expand your network.


Our business tools

Are developed to assist those in the creative industry. Designed to make your businesses processes efficient. Fast and hassle free with easy tracking and fluidity.

Now you will have time to accomplish more goals for your brand with the assistance of our business tools.

  • Create seamless
  • Cost sheets,
  • Collection analysis
  • Brief sheets
  • Cut sheets and more for you or your team.

Track your product development and keep your costs and finances in check.

All tools are developed and formulated by Fashion Foresight – All rights
reserved. Re-sharing the tools to a 3rd party or misusing tools would result in
Fashion Foresight taking action within our rights.

Note: when using the sheets, please place the
latest and most updated information onto your data