E-Commerce and the Future of the Fashion Industry

Fashion is a topic that has dominated newsstands, television, retail, runways, and conversations for decades and now E-Commerce and the Future of the Fashion Industry is the new shift in focus. The fashion business never rests when it comes to staying at the forefront of what is expected to be [...]

The Future Of Marketing With Technology In Dubai And The Middle East

Let's face it, the fashion industry has been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic, causing a shift in consumer sentiment and making them less willing to buy the latest product offerings while contending with uncertainty. This has led many brands to move towards digital solutions and new marketing [...]

How Immersive Technology Can Enhance Events In The Middle East

When done right, immersive technology transforms an ordinary event into an unforgettable adventure, making it easier and much more natural for consumers to engage with your brand. Event attendees now want more than just the usual experiences, making it increasingly difficult to impress them and create a significant impact. To [...]

How Fashion Foresight Uses Digital Fashion Technology Solutions

In the new age of fashion and retail, where competition for online attention is fierce and brands need to adopt smarter strategies in order to reach their goals for evolution, the effective use of technology has become an incredibly important part of doing business and brand survival.  Our experiential agency [...]

How Brands Can Benefit From Immersive Retail & Technology

Everyone would agree that almost all facets of life have been affected by the pandemic. The supposed sales expansion strategies of companies declined tremendously, and the fashion industry was not an exemption. As retail companies around the world felt the effects, brands were forced to find ways to keep their [...]

Are Fashion Brands Ready For The New World Of Digital Transformation?

5 interesting insights we gathered between UAE and African fashion brands in the new world of digital transformation while exploring the future of fashion.   As businesses rush to go online and digitally transform, knowing how to position yourself in the current market is an incredibly urgent task. Technology and [...]