About Us

Fashion Foresight is an agency striving to connect brands to the future through technology solutions and innovative concepts that align with the objectives for Fashion and retail brands.

Brands are constantly looking for solutions on how to stay relevant and consistent in the market and with technology touching each industry, it’s become vital for fashion and retail to explore what the future may hold.

We are aware that consumers and audiences now engage indifferent ways, so here at Fashion Foresight we explore what those hybrid new ways may mean or how we can define them.

We understand technology is ever changing and what is new is constantly evolving. We solve questions and uncertainty through consult, we offer trend forecasts, research and help in the development of products or new collections. we provide or create the right technology solutions, we bring to life new concepts and brand experiences, we source the best and latest tools, we strive for innovation for brands and we explore what is possible for them.

Here are some of our innovative project and concepts we have worked on or working to deliver.