We aim to bring about a space for our creative fashion community to connect, interact and do business.

We are streamlining design processes, saving you time and effort on the crucial tasks in creating a collection or bringing a project to life!


We are fast becoming  an integral part in the process of creating well aligned collections and initiating innovative projects within our communities.

We bring valuable insight to our clients, our aim is to enhance their project developments and reach in the Middle East and African markets.

We are a part of the fiber in our fashion industry, connecting, enhancing and bringing value to those we service.

We want information and strategy to be easy and user friendly, at your finger tips and integrated within your creative process.



We assist individual designers, start ups and companies go further.


Forecasts and consults

We not only connect but also enhance the community by bringing them forecast reports and trend insight, ensuring they always stay ahead in the industry.

For the clients we consult, we have services exclusively tailored for their brand needs and strategise collectively, ensuring their brand stays relevant and reaches new levels each season!

The Fashion Foresight cultivates and curates forecasts and trends through global networks for the purpose of creating relevant design direction within the fashion industry.

Offering private consulting services, we align forecasts and trends with brands, giving rise to relevant design collections or projects.



Our Research

We research and conceptualize phenomenon within our focused regions, creating a unique offering both locally and internationally.

We are the eyes and ears for our clients, keeping them tapped in, connected and competitive.

We are a part of the growth and process as the region develops into a fashion capital, a maturing industry where culture, micro and macro trends are cultivated, bringing our unique point of view across markets.




Our ultimate goal is to bring value and keep our creative community connected and exposed to opportunities.