5 Popular tactics to increase e-commerce conversion

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We all know the importance of first impressions — advancing confidence on a first date, at job interviews, or gaining self-assurance in daily life. Your appearance translates to who you are and how you want others to perceive you.

Being in fashion retail, it is vital to not only provide visitors with their look-consuming needs but also ensure the platforms used to provide them have the same impression, converting visitors from consumers to loyal customers.

Improving conversion rates for any e-commerce business is a healthy growth indicator, which simply means you will be able to extract more value from each visit to your store, get more customers for given traffic, lower customer acquisition costs, and eventually raise your business.


Let’s look at some popular tactics to increase e-commerce conversion these days.


Growing with technology

The word e-commerce wouldn’t exist without technology; it’s hence imperative to adopt practices that inculcate the use of technology for the retail industry while optimising conversion rates. The use of AI in retail industries has seen a major hike in recent years. One of the upcoming ones, in which Fashion Foresight holds expertise, is AR and VR retail. Our immersive fashion creative services include Virtual fashion runways, Social media filters, Digital showrooms and much more.

An experiential marketing agency with a sense of fashion technology for its brand will look to provide this immersive retail experience to its customers. For example:

The use of mixed reality technology helps customers engage and try on their choice of attire before visiting the store physically. This digital customer experience is seen as a breakthrough necessity in fashion and retail, especially considering current times of COVID, where people look to avoid any physical visits or have adopted the lifestyle of convenience.

This virtual reality shopping becomes a win-win for both, consumers playing with products in virtual try-on and brands creating engaging awareness, starting from the comfort of homes. 



Well, it’s needless to emphasize what role communication plays considering success in any field. Bringing innovative ideas to communicate that help visitors the ease of access to purchase, adds to the potential customer’s tally. Chatbots are one of many artificial intelligence retail solutions which help customers to message any inquiries and are a must-have for fashion e-commerce, which provides an on-desk solution 24×7.

The use of other communication platforms such as several social media options is turning out to be a key player in the success of retail when visitors approach fashion consultants about products.

Having a quick response time over a WhatsApp chat or a message on the Facebook marketplace gives a great start to retail – customer relations.

Ignoring these easy to implement toupoints might keep the barrier between you and your customer, who could easily reach you comfortably through a few clicks.

At Fashion Foresight ensure that our clients are provided with all relevant and up-to-date touchpoints to enhance conversions.


Collect and showcase for growth

Reading users’ experiences, product reviews and ratings has become an integral part of online purchase decisions. Online shoppers are becoming vigilant by the day, they research a lot before purchasing by collecting information about the product they want to buy and even conducting a competitive analysis of the product.

In other words, people don’t trust companies, people trust people; it is vital for growing fashion e-commerce to obtain feedback, reviews, and ratings on their products which can be displayed along with products as well as on webpages to develop goodwill and then trust, resulting in better visit-to-sale ratio.

We consult our clients and offer opportunities to collect data through specific touchpoints, and tools and drive them forward with the correct reports. Understanding consumers is vital for leveraging and positioning against competitors.


Focus on your Forte

E-commerce businesses that like to have a vast portfolio covering everything they possibly can, and play as — Jack of all trades, master of none, might have high traffic on their web portals/ social media platforms but will lag when it comes to actual conversion to sales. Having a defined niche and making sure you drive the kind of traffic that matches your target audience is a much more customer-centric approach to encouraging organic sales conversions.

This will allow your e-commerce onsite experiences to become tailored for specific customers, built around a specific niche’s likes and ways of shopping.

Lead generation becomes more targeted with precision as it focuses on your specific audience.

The more trust and relative information your prospects can extract from your product pages, the greater the chance they will buy something.


Be patient and consistent

Building trust and a name for any business take time. People are much more aware of their surroundings and pay attention to numerous details of purchases around them.

It’s only over time, that the product you offer or service you give to your customers will be appreciated more and you get to enjoy Word of Mouth. Which is still one of the best and most traditional forms of gaining trust in marketing.  

It is also a sign that customers have developed loyalty to the brand, so much so that they recommend it to others, of course being able to find you online is important, creating additional traffic and conversions for your e-commerce site. 


Digital marketing – bonus

Conversion for a sale does not happen on the first visit to your page.

Businesses need to build strategies and bring in technology solutions to provide a digital experience to their customers that results in actual conversion.

That’s when technology tools built for this purpose come in! 

We aim at assisting you to access these tools and use them to their fullest potential.

Want to find out more about our digital marketing technology solutions, contact us and we’ll find one that suits your custom needs.

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