5 Best Web designs practices to stand out from competitors

Immersive Retail Brand

“A good first impression can work wonders” – J.K. Rowling. This stands true for a website too, especially for any fashion and retail brand which has ‘looks’ as a pre-requisite.

One should always keep in mind to provide an appearance that leaves a good impression related to your brand, from load time to understanding what your company is about at the very first glance is incredibly critical. 

The aim is that when people catch sight of your web presence, they can’t resist reviewing your product or service offerings and stay engrossed in your content with the feeling that it is placed intuitively to their needs. 

At Fashion Foresight, we create websites that do not feel like websites but rather experiences or trigger curiosity that keeps users engaged and get your core message across whether from service providers or selling products in e-commerce.

Industry-standard design & layout features

No, we’re not saying you should design your website similar to others or give it a matching look, but embrace it in a way that gets people familiar with a standard that they are comfortable navigating, making it easy for them to understand the general rules of engagement.

For example, in the fashion industry, it’s best to keep your fashion brand logo at the top upfront and prominent so that fashion lovers know they are at the right place and are used to finding the information they need in certain areas. 

Another common practice is keeping a contact option at the top right of your homepage through which they can contact you immediately if you are offering services.

The search feature is a great tool to have. Placing it correctly on the homepage allows users to reach what they are looking for much more conveniently.


Trending homepage

As mentioned earlier, you do not have ample time, but rather just a glimpse to grab the visitor’s attention. For this, your homepage should have an up-to-date appealing appearance and interactivity.


  • A potential customer approaching a fashion website expects to be greeted with current fashion trends and offerings on the homepage.
  • An option of – learn more should exist which allows visitors to enquire about the new product launch.

The design of your homepage should focus on retaining customers’ attention, making them stay longer on your web page and have the quality that urges them to return to the site or refer it.

Fashion Foresight offers this support in consulting for industry standards and practices. Ensuring your website makes sense before ever starting to develop. 

Social media inclusions

Another crucial feature is the links with social media platforms, used by more than half of the world’s population. These links, best inserted as recognizable icons, act as a bridge that connects your digital marketing presence.

If we talk about old times before social media, websites were very much your main digital presence and creating trust was crucial right there and then.

Now thanks to social media links, this expectation gap has been filled as an extra layer to building trust and ways to connect and communicate daily at the convenience of consumers.

As a recommendation, a fashion webpage must have signature social media icons, strategically placed that encourage consumers to connect and follow you for more day to day and live insights. 


It is important to understand, that users visiting websites on mobiles, tablets, or other handheld devices have increased more than on desktops, with a 3:2 ratio.

A user-friendly interface should be provided to the users while designing a website regardless of the medium used to visit the websites. It is crucial that the webpage on the desktop has built compatibility for smartphones too without compromising the page speed, look or functionality.

Any such trade-offs will result in your competitor gaining an advantage on the very next tab. Want to stay ahead of the competition? We can bring you more insight on a free one-on-one consultation with Fashion Foresight. 

Consistent brand voice

In this 4th industrial revolution, driven by technology, it is vital to keep all your platforms consistent throughout the internet, more so in the fashion industry where brand identity is everything! The presentation and design of any e-commerce website is its lifeblood.

It not only has to be easy to read and use, but also needs to stand out and deliver the message of your brand. The colour palette, theme, font styles, and tone should always be the same on different landing pages and devices. This helps create your brand identity, to which customers can relate in the long run.

Your website is your digital presence, portraying your collections, and your brand’s identity in the fashion industry, it plays a vital role in creating a trust that leads to increased e-commerce conversion.

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