Nike’s Summer 2019 Women’s collection is all the fun!

The revealing of Nike’s summer collection

Saw a multi-functional that focused around women performance without disrupting her functional movement and flexibility.

Design director Jessica Lomax states, “when a female athlete dresses, she wants a sense of freedom […] we wanted to create collections that take her through every part of her day, with no compromise to style or performance.”

The collection boasts engineered knits and woven materials, the details are blended well with elements of bold expression for athletes performing in any sports.

Nike also introduces their incredible sports bra using Flyknit material that has gone through over 600 hours of biometric testing to fit the body comfortably.

The bra selection offers 57 styles with three levels in an expansive size selection up to 44G, constructed from three innovative concepts and 12 materials. Love it!!!


Source: Nike

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